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Kerwin dethrones Machel for Groovy Soca Monarch


- March 1, 2014 - International Soca Monarch Final results were announced shortly after 4am this morning after 21 artists went head to head for Soca Monarch bragging rights. In the end it was King Machel being crowned Power Soca Monarch for the 4th consecutive time, but his bid for a 3-peat in the Groovy category was denied by the crowd favorite, Kerwin Du Bois.

The ISM 2014 Final Results are as follows:

2014 Groovy Soca Monarch Final Results
1. Kerwin Du Bois (Too Real)
2. Machel Montano (Happiest Man Alive)
3. Farmer Nappy (Big People Party)
4. Destra Garcia (First Time)

2014 Power Soca Monarch Final Results
1. Machel Montano (MOR)
2. Mr. Killa (Rolly Polly) (Tie)
2. Destra (Mash Up) (Tie)
2. Iwer George (Mama Yo) (Tie)