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Farmer Nappy Brings Back Brass, Gets Carnival Veterans Excited!

Farmer Nappy
Farmer Nappy’s brought back the Brass with his hit single, “Big People Party”

- January 20th, 2014 -

It’s kind of a difficult task to merge the old and the new so that a song appeals to a wide audience of mature and teeny bopper crowds but these days Farmer Nappy, despite being caught in the middle of a musical controversy of sorts which involves a song similar in nature to that of St. Lucia’s Teddyson John, has managed to get the young and old singing along to his tune. The brass line is back folks and many of the mature party lovers who’ve been a part of the Carnival vibe from the days of the annual Brass Festival in T&T, would admit that it’s good to hear it again. Now the source of this sudden excitement is definitely getting many to smile at the sound of Farmer  Nappy’s voice and not to mention the sweet sound that accompanies him.
Technology has taken over much of the music we now hear on the airwaves- this of course as producers rely so heavily on electronic sounds to make the music that’s required to compliment the voices of their vocalists. The inclusion of the horns in Farmer Nappy’s “Big People Party”was most definitely a breath of fresh air this year, this as many had possibly forgotten the sweet melody that’s afforded with the accompaniment of the brass line.
Farmer Nappy has always gone against the grain and his longstanding relationship with De Red Boys of Barbados leads us to believe that they may in fact have a massive part to play in what we’ve come to love and expect from the HD band member. Now, what’s left to see is just how this situation with Teddyson John and “Big People Party”, which has been quite the topic of discussion, will in fact turn out. Regardless though, most would admit that Nappy’s got it in the bag with this one…