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“Don’t Let Poverty Be An Excuse”- Blaxx


- January 20th, 2014 -

New music and a fresh new vibe, Soca artiste Blaxx is ready for a season that’ll be filled with fun and an entourage. The Roy Cape front man never puts water in his mouth when it comes to his feelings. This morning, in an interview with Hans Des Vignes and the gang on BOOMCHAMPIONS 94.1FM, Blaxx who released new music alongside Lil Bitts, called on the impoverished persons in society to stop allowing poverty to hold them back from attaining what they want and need in their lives. “Blaxx wasn’t always a soca artiste. Blaxx didn’t always have money,” he said, before making the plea for his people in Trinidad and Tobago to rise and attain all that they want in their lives.
Blaxx is ready for 2014!
A senior in the industry, Blaxx is bursting at the seams with words of wisdom but these days he seems to be taking lessons from everyone around him. Proud of the recent accomplishments of fellow entertainer, Bunji Garlin, Blaxx says Bunji has acted an ambassadorial role for Soca music in the past few months, and he too plans on making an even greater effort to promote the genre. This morning, the entertainer unleashed a track called ‘Loose’, produced by Precision Productions and while he said he hoped soca music’s lyrics could move toward being a bit more worldly and less explicit, he said this particular song wasn’t such an example of where he hopes the lyrical content will eventually go.
Several artistes are expected to be a part of the Roy Cape entourage when the band performs at events this carnival- among them, Fya Empress, Jamaica’s QQ and Macka Diamond, Lil Bitts and Benjai. Asked whether it’s costly to hire Roy Cape this season, Blaxx, with a chuckle, would’t deny it. For years Roy Cape has been at the forefront of the carnival. For Blaxx, the band is the best band on the face of the earth and he sees nothing but continued success for them in the years to come.