Company Profile:
Established in 2005, SOCAbookings.NET is a global talent agency specializing in bookings, public relations and marketing for numerous established Caribbean artists as well as upcoming and aspiring talents. With over 15 years experience in the business, SOCAbookings can secure just about any SOCA artist you seek for your events. Our focus is on getting the best talent for you and making sure you have a successful event!

Mission Statement:
We strive not only to provide our client base with excellent service and representation, but also seek to educate our artists in all aspects of the industry - including copyright law and ethical business conduct.

We aim to provide a cultural bridge between the Caribbean and Non-Caribbean communities worldwide and endeavor to continually promote Caribbean music.

The Team:

Kevin Bagheraty
Booking Agent

Jef Lo
Global Marketing & PR

Ivan Berry
Artists & Repertoire